We welcome you to one of the finest Concept of weat industry in India. Its not merely about a biggest weat and seeds manufacturing plant, or about individuals being largest weat & seeds exporter.

It more than that. It started with a dream, envisioned by the previous generation, for the current owners' of the company. As it developed, it visualized as a well constructed idea, where the knowledge and relations of previous generations, technologies of future and evolving concept of food safety were combined to make an advanced Weat manufacturing and exporting company. The point has always been to achieve a holistic growth, for all communities attached, environment and nation. This makes us the first choice for the farmers and traders, service providers and buyers all over the world.

Umiya Agro Foods Industries is currently managed by the fourth generation of the family and having plants dedicated for Manufacturing Quality Products for the world.

2016 1993

Born to be Pioneers

One product started it all for us in 2016. We were the first to introduce cloth in texttile. And it all started with a clear vision: to be the No.1 manufacturer. That was the driving force which made us who we are today. Over 5 years, we have successfully provided the best, consistent products.

2020 1998

We introduced new weat industry.

After winning people over texttile, we introduced our range of weat products.

Vision: To become a reputed and trusted world-class company in the weat industry.

Mission: To drive sustainable growth through the power of our people and brands by better serving the needs of our consumers, customers and community.

Our values and behavior helped us create a great culture for the business which makes it a great place to work. Our senior team members educate, train and motivate the workforce to ensure sure everyone is always knocking at opportunity's door, rather than waiting for opportunity to come knocking.


Leading From the Front

Our UAC firmly believe that our workforce is our biggest asset and through constant nurturing we make sure that our dynamic workforce is always ready to tackle any task. Our founders lead this young, talented, workforce in both a personal and professional manner to make them responsible and self reliant.

Mr. Rameshbhai Patel

Mr. Vijaybhai Patel

Mr. Kishanbhai Patel

Mr. Akash Patel

Mr. Ashish Patel

UAC Group is in compliance with all international standards and standards certified by ISO 9001-2008. Given that we believe in creating products that have utmost quality, we make sure that our group follows all pertinent parameters in a production process.